Carpet Cleaning Tips for a longer carpet life

Here are some Carpet Cleaning Tips from our expert Carpet Cleaners at The Squeaky Clean Team

Carpets often suffer from various carpet stains which later can develop to notorious hard to remove spots if not treated immediately. Here are a few small tips on how to deal with stains on your carpet which if you follow will minimise the damage and prolong the life of your carpet:

  • First scrape up any excess solids or liquids with a dry cloth as soon as you can.
  • Then blot out as much of the spill or solid possible using a towel.
  • Do not scrub at the stain as this motion will only set it deeper into the carpet’s fabrics.
  • Use a mild suitable detergent (may vary from carpet to carpet) to cover the stain.
  • Remove by blotting until stain is no longer visible.
  • Follow the Squeaky Clean Teams recommended cleaning programme of regular vacuuming to prolong the life of your carpets and keep your home or office healthy.

And remember Carpet Cleaning Tips how often you get your carpets professionally cleaned is largely determined by the traffic through your home or office. Two adults will walk in far less dirt that two adults, three children and two dogs!

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