Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – the Pros & Cons of DIY vs Hiring Professionals to Do It For You

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – the Pros & Cons of DIY vs Hiring Professionals to Do It For You

I was just in a home improvement store and thought I’d check out their carpet cleaning hire equipment. Like all the other people shopping on Easter Monday, I like to be a DIYer when I can be.

Most of us choose to do the thing ourselves to save money. Places like Bunnings & Safeway hire carpet cleaning machines for $38.60 for 24 hours. You then need to buy detergents and de-foamer which will cost you about another $30.00. Obviously, the larger the area you are cleaning the more cleaning products you’ll need.

The Pros & Cons of DIY vs Hiring Professionals to Do It For You — Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

However, sometimes the jobs you try to do yourself can end up costing more than if done by a paid professional. And not done as efficiently or as proficiently, as them.

Carpet cleaning is a good example of this. Our minimum fee is $100.00 which includes up to 25 square meters of carpet. This includes all the tools of the trade required. Plus expert chemical knowledge to treat your carpets or upholstery with the respect they deserve. When hiring a professional. you don’t have to collect or return the machine or pay for excess cleaning products that are not for use and won’t last until the next time you want to clean.

Using the right chemicals is key to a good job. Believe me, you don’t want to go applying any old chemical to your favourite couch, without knowing what you’re are doing. Different materials require different cleaning agents. The same applies to stains with different stains requiring even more different products. And remember to consider that different materials with different stains might require even more products – get my gist?

One of the most common mistakes made when cleaning carpets & upholstery is leaving them over-wet. Inexperienced carpet cleaners often do this, so imagine how easy it’s going to be for a first-time carpet cleaner to do this?

I’d say about 10 per cent of the calls we get are from people who have tried to clean things themselves that they have then made worse. Leaving them with a cleanup bill far in excess of the costs they called us in at the beginning.

Warning at this point if you want to clean yourself DO NOT USE Bi-Carb of Soda. It just makes a gluggy, gooey mess that’s hard to remove & won’t get rid of the stain you poured it on to try & remove.

Another thing to consider when you’re thinking of hiring carpet cleaning equipment, is you don’t know how it was used for before. And more importantly, has it been properly sanitised before you’ve picked it up? One of the worst experiences we’ve come across in over 15 years of cleaning carpet, was the poor lady who hired a machine to clean her cream carpet, & turned it blue courtesy of the previous user who’d hired the machine to dye their carpet blue & failed to clean out the tank properly before they returned it!

My last word of advice, cleaning couches & carpets, particularly if they have stains, requires expert knowledge. There are many carpet cleaners who only have very basic knowledge and can easily cause damage to what they’re cleaning. Make sure they’re fully insured before you take them on & check their reviews & references before you hire them. Choose a reputable company like ours & remember that cheap is rarely best.

Squeaky Clean Team
5th April 2021

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