Clean Your Upholstery in 4 Easy Steps

Squeaky Clean offers upholstery and carpet cleaning to Melbourne residents in need of professional stain removal services. But if you’re just looking to do a general spruce-up of your furniture, the below guide is a quick, easy and effective way to do it.

Please note: This is a general upholstery cleaning guide only. Always read the labels on your furniture to determine which products and techniques are safe to use on your upholstery. For very expensive and heirloom pieces, consider calling the professionals for carpet and upholstery cleaning at Melbourne’s Squeaky Clean Team.


Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum to remove any loose dirt from your furniture. Short strokes going from left to right, repeating them over any difficult bits – especially if the upholstery is velvet, corduroy, suede, or another fabric that holds on to dirt.

Use the crevice nozzle to vacuum in difficult spots like under the cushions, along the seams and in button nooks.

Banish Spots

If your upholstery is cotton, linen, polyester or jacquard, sprinkle a powdered rug and carpet cleaning product over any stains, then gently rub the powder into the fabric using a dry cloth. Vacuum, then repeat if necessary.

If your upholstery is leather or vinyl, you can spray a general-purpose cleaning product onto a cloth and then gently rub the stain until it disappears. Make sure you dry with another cloth to remove any residue.

Lather Up

Combine a teaspoon of dish soap in a bucket with some warm water and mix it until it becomes sudsy. Dip an upholstery brush into the suds and sweep it over the upholstery with light brushes, being very careful not to saturate the fabric. Wipe the fabric with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry.

Please note that some furniture doesn’t like being sudsed.  So make sure you check the label first. If you’re still unsure, calling in our upholstery. And carpet cleaning experts is probably the best option.

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