How to Prevent the Growth of Mildew in the Bathroom

Mildew flourishes in damp, moist environments, making the bathroom one of the most highly susceptible areas for its growth. While mildew can look unsightly, even worse are the potential health risks it can pose, including respiratory issues and allergies. So how can you prevent mildew from growing in your bathroom? The Squeaky Clean Team provides some expert tips to help keep this unwanted bathroom blemish away.

Remove All Existing Mildew

The first thing you should do to prevent mildew is remove all existing traces of it. While it’s possible to do this using nothing but elbow grease and a bathroom cleaner purchased from the supermarket, sometimes a professional clean may be required – especially when it comes to tiles and grout. If you’re unable to remove mildew on your own, a company that specialises in tile and grout cleaning will be able to help.

Improve Air Circulation

Once all mildew is removed, it’s time to address why the mildew is growing. In most cases, mildew thrives with poor air circulation, so improving the flow of air in your bathroom can be a fantastic preventative measure. If you haven’t already got one, installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom can make a large difference, helping to reduce condensation that can lead to moisture and mildew. If an exhaust fan isn’t an option, opening a window can also help to improve air circulation.

Carry Out Regular Tile and Grout Cleaning

While improving the circulation of air will help immensely, this often isn’t enough to prevent mildew entirely. That’s why it’s essential to regularly clean all bathroom surfaces – particularly tiling and grout. By cleaning your bathroom regularly, you’ll be able to remove the first traces of mildew before it can take root and grow into a serious problem. If you’re too time-poor to regularly clean yourself, it’s recommended that you consider professional tile and grout cleaning. Not only will this prevent mildew, but your bathroom will be left sparkling!

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