How Your Carpets & Air Con Ducts Can Trigger Your Hay Fever

Spring: the season of new life, blue skies and green fields. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of high pollen counts and hay fever. As pretty as spring can be, hay fever sufferers will be crossing off the days until they reach the end. Step outdoors on a warm windy day, perhaps when someone has just cut their lawn. And it doesn’t take much to set off the sneezing. But there can be just as many allergens inside as there are outdoors. The good news is that you can do something about the dust and dirt inside. That triggers your sneezing. The Squeaky Clean Team in Melbourne explains why regular. Carpet cleaning and duct cleaning are crucial for reducing your hay fever and allergy symptoms.

Carpet Cleaning & Hay Fever

Think about everything you bring into your home via the soles of your shoes. That ends up transferring to the carpet – there would be dirt, dust, bacteria. And all kinds of other allergens. Add the dust that’s already in the air as well as the pollen blowing indoors from outdoors and you have conditions that are ripe for a hay fever Zttack. Fortunately, regular carpet cleaning by Melbourne’s Squeaky Clean Team can lift and remove the allergens that get compacted and trapped in the fibres, significantly reducing the likelihood of your hay fever symptoms emerging. While a simple vacuum job might only scratch the surface of your carpet’s cleanliness, the Squeaky Clean Team takes it to the next level.

Duct Cleaning & Hay Fever

Summer is coming, which means you’re likely to have the air conditioner on a fair bit. But when was the last time you had the ducts cleaned? Dirty air ducts not only increase the likelihood of dust being blown about the house – which can exacerbate your hay fever – but that dust can also heat up and catch fire. Luckily, the Squeaky Clean Team offers professional and thorough duct cleaning in Melbourne, giving you the peace of mind that your ducts are free of dust, dirt and other hazardous materials.

Regularly scheduled cleaning of both your carpets and ducts will noticeably reduce the amount of allergens that can trigger your hay fever. Contact the Squeaky Clean Team today to see how we can help you.

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