No Job To Hard For The Squeaky Clean Team

Last Friday we received a desperate call from Hallam Senior College. Classes were being evacuated because of a terrible smell that was thought to be coming from the ceiling heating and cooling vents. We called in our Squeaky Clean Team duct expert Robert to go and find our what and where the offensive smell was coming from. As part of our duct cleaning service we are used to removing dead creatures from the duct pipework – rats, mice, birds, and all sorts of insects manage to find their way into the ducts then die.

In the case of Hallam Senior College the ducts were huge commercial ceiling ducts – suspended in the roof with sections bolted together. They hadn’t been cleaned since installation – approximately 45 years ago. Robert quickly worked out the smell was not coming from the ducts. This is where most duct cleaners would say here’s the bill for the call out fee and walk away. Not The Squeaky Clean Team professionals. We were asked to fix a cleaning problem and when Robert left he was determined the smell would be gone too. After crawling around and looking down wall cavities the offensive object was discovered halfway down an inside wall cavity – just behind the main reception desk. With an improvised fishing line Robert was able to extract the poor dead (and very smelly) possum.

Phew classes could recommence!

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