Our Carpet Cleaning Service Committment to YOU!

The Squeaky Clean Team prides Carpet Cleaning Service itself on its professional carpet cleaning service. our aim is to work around our customers. When making a booking to have your carpets cleaned  it is our aim to attend your property at a time that suits you. Our professional service can commence before work or in the case of a business at a time that minimses disruption to the place of work. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a professional service for a fair price. The Squeaky Clean Team delivers the best professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

Not only can we deliver our service at a time that suits but due to our size of operations we can also offer a same day service. This enables our customers to solve carpet cleaning emergencies as soon as they happen. We specialize in pet accidents, sick children and even parties that got a bit wild! To get that Squeaky Clean Feel back get in The Squeaky Clean Team. Call 1300 682563 or 1300 MUCKOFF

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