Protect Yourself (& Your Property) against Washing Machine Floods

We have just completes a survey of flood mop ups jobs we’re called to and a staggering 80% are from washing machine floods!

The damage caused by washing machines overflowing or pipes breaking can be huge. Yet most of these floods could have been prevented by just checking the connections between the water taps and the washing machine regularly.

A job we went to this week was caused by the connector hose splitting. The washing machine not only leaked and flooded the carpet in two rooms of the apartment it was in, but the ceiling below fell in on the tenant below – causing damage to the furniture and possessions below. The total bill $5,000. Neither the tenant nor the landlord had insurance. The cost of a new hose would have been $30.00.

While The Squeaky Clean Team loves to come in and tidy up the damage caused by floods, we’d also like to prevent the human misery caused when these things happen. SO PLEASE reguarly check your washing machine connections and remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.

PS the job we described above is true – the awful thing is after we left having extracted all the water the tenant put on another load of washing – yep you guessed it and the second clear up was bigger than the first!!

Happy “SAFE” Washing

Denise at The Squeaky Clean Team